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Avail the Requisite Measures against CCJs and your Credit Score

Creditors have the authority to take strict actions against debtors who owe money to them. And, one of their primary initiatives is to issue a CCJ or County Court Judgement. Once applied, County Court Judgements might make it difficult to get a credit beforehand. It simply ruins your credit rating and consequently, the borrower might be refused to get a credit.

However, such judgements are available in Wales, England and Northern Ireland. If you have received a CCJ or County Court claim, then you might panic. Don’t worry as Debt Advice Help is here to support you during the financial tough days. Render appropriate financial advice, assistance and much more from our professionals. Let our financial advisers assist you to overcome the dilemmas of CCJ.

County Court Judgements or CCJs: What are they?

CCJ is basically a kind of court order. A CCJ might apply to you if you still owe money to any creditor. In case, you have failed to repay the debt within the deadline imposed by the creditor, then the creditor might take steps against you with a CCJ. A County Court Judgement is applicable to the residents of England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Whereas the same court procedure in Scotland is termed as enforcing a debt by diligence.

However, Debt Advice Help has handled countless cases where the debtors were charged with a CCJ. Our financial advisers have shown the path to get rid of a CCJ and to avoid a negative impact on the credit rating. Well, your creditors can’t send you a direct County Court Judgment without any prior notice. If they have warned you before, advised you to pay the debt off and you couldn’t make it effective, then there are chances that they might issue a CCJ against you. 

In case, you don’t take any action towards the debt repayment process the creditors are liable to send you a court paper within fourteen days. According to the regulations of the Consumer Credit Act, you would receive County Court Judgements along with the default sheet from the Financial Conduct Authority. To fight against the legal consequences and financial crisis, get in touch with our experienced financial advisers immediately.

How does a CCJ Work?

Generally, debtors receive CCJs or County Court Judgements via. post. And, CCJ comes with different options. For example, the creditor might ask you to pay off the debt in full or repay the debt through instalments. On the other hand, the debtors might challenge the claim, if the creditor is misguided. However, you shouldn’t ignore the claims of County Court Judgements as the court is capable of taking serious actions against you if you can’t pay off the debt.

Moreover, the CCJ against you gets its place on the Register of Judgements, Orders and Fines. Keep in mind that this register is accessible by the public. In case you settle down the CCJ, within one month from the date of issue, with the full-repayment of the debt, then it won’t show in the register. Additionally, if you manage to dispute the judgement and set aside the CCJ, then it won’t hamper your credit rating and image. 

Apart from this, the CCJ recorded on the register might stay against you for six years long. Anybody can sneak into the register and discover that you have received a CCJ. In addition to this, your name, address and other details can go exposed. Anyone can see how much money you owe, but they can’t discover the name of the creditor. Whether you have received a default notice or County Court Judgments, contact Debt Advice Help for eliminating CCJs or similar consequences.

Would County Court Judgements Bring Negative Impact on your Credit Rating?

CCJs might not necessarily appear on the register immediately. In case, you have paid off the debt recently, then it won’t affect your credit rating; neither it would show up on your credit profile. But, in case the CCJ has appeared on the register, it will automatically reflect on the credit profile. To save your credit rating and relevant statistics, consider impeccable finance solutions and support from none other than Debt Advice Help.

How to Get Rid of County Court Judgements or CCJs?

County Court Judgements possess the liability to appear on your credit rating for six years. Whenever you would apply for credit in the near future, the creditors can peek into the register to check if you have got a CCJ or similar court orders. It would definitely affect the chances to get your credit approved.

Therefore, this doesn’t make any sense to carry on with County Court Judgements. On the other hand, CCJ might invite more critical outcomes such as bailiff action, charging order and attachment of the earnings order. In case, you can’t abide by the regulations of County Court Judgements, there is nothing surprising that you can receive one of the above-mentioned charges. 

For instance, the creditor might hire a bailiff to collect the debt at any cost. They can seize your assets, goods and sell them to get the money for repaying the debt. Additionally, an attachment of earnings order might be issued on your employer’s behalf to deduct the charges from your salary. A charging order might apply to you in case you have a property. And, the creditor might get your debt secured against your property. If you fail to pay off the debt they would seize the property and sell it.

To restrict the CCJ from leading your finances to vulnerabilities, you should contact a skilled financial adviser. We, at Debt Advice Help, are ready with impeccable solutions to your monetary issues. However, these are the options that you can instantly take actions against CCJ.

  • Pay the debt in full within one month from the day the CCJ has been issued
  • You have already passed six years with an active CCJ
  • The court has set aside the dispute 
  • The debt was caused by an insurance provider


Numerous debtors haven’t received CCJs by post. Rather, the CCJ has appeared on their credit profiles. If you’re one of them, recognize the case number and you need to get in touch with the court, where the judgement had taken place. Whatever the instances are, it would be better to consult with an experienced debt adviser from Debt Advice Help.

How can We Help?

Are you confused about receiving a CCJ and can’t decide what to do next? Well, you’re not the single one who is struggling with debt, CCJs and other issues. Debt Advice Help is committed to making financial obstacles smoother with practical, day-to-day advice and solutions. Additionally, our experts would help you to go through the County Court Claim process and make you learn how to deal with County Court Judgements.

From offering you potential advice on monetary issues to drafting your convenient budgets, we are capable of managing your debt instances. We would talk to the creditor and check if they can settle with an affordable plan, with your consent. So, contact our expert debt advisors, today.

Reach Debt Advice Help for Reliable solutions for CCJ

A CCJ might go troublesome and embarrassing if you don’t find the right support to deal with this process. Although being a straight-forward, systematic process, the lack of the appropriate knowledge regarding County Court Judgements might hamper the outcomes. Therefore, don’t take a chance with your financial reliability and stay in your comfort zone with Debt Advice Help.

We have got the right attitude towards putting an end to the CCJs and relevant procedures. Thus, call and fix your appointment with our debt masterminds. Online advice session is also available. Contact our customer service for more details.


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