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Debt Management Plan

Debt Management Plan

Struggling with debts and their high interest-rates is not a smart idea at all. When your finances are facing troubles and your budget isn’t responding any more, then a Debt Management Plan can obviously help you. This special agreement between the debtors and creditors has benefited countless lives to go debt-free.

However, the best Debt Management Plans are compatible with overdrafts, credit debts, personal loans or similar. And, this is where Debt Advice help has an important part. With us, you get to find out the details of Debt Management Plans and how it can prove to be beneficial for you. 

What is a Debt Management Plan?

The functionality of the Debt Management Plan is to relieve you from the extra stress of hefty repayments. A Debt Management Plan is crafted to pay off your debts with regular, but within affordable instalments. Usually, debtors prefer to go with DMPs when it comes to non-priority debts.

Additionally, the assigned DMP advisor, on your behalf, would contact your creditors and represent you. The expert would settle the debt repayments with reduced monthly amounts that seem affordable to you. As a debtor, you need to pay the creditor, as well as the DMP provider every month.

How does a Debt Management Plan Work?

The best Debt Management Plan rescues you from the unnecessary burdens of debt repayments. Well, you can’t escape from your debts but DMPs would definitely make the path easier to clear off the debt. However, there are some limitations regarding DMPs and their applicability. Debt Management Plans work for the following debts such as:

  • Loans from building society or bank
  • Personal loans
  • Credit debts, payday loans or store card debts
  • Home credit debts
  • Overdrafts
  • Debt owed from friends or family

Particularly, we as a DMP provider can address the above-mentioned non-priority debts with our vetted and experienced professionals. Well, the following debts are beyond the scope of DMPs:

  • TV Licence
  • Child support & maintenance
  • Utility bills such as electricity and gas bills
  • Hire purchase debts
  • VAT, Income Tax and National Insurance
  • Council Tax
  • Loans and mortgage against property or home

As a DMP provider and advisor, it’s our duty to work on your budget and rule out those hefty debt repayments that are currently bothering you. Our experts would approve only when you can afford to pay every month to write off the debt. 

After a successful DMP, your living costs and essentials are left untouched. In case, you save up money or you inherit something, then you should discuss these with your creditors. Generally, you have to pay the outstanding debt every month and the instalment remains nominal to you.

What are the Potential Benefits of Debt Management Plan?

Creditors won’t stop chasing you until you pay off the debt in full, or having soaring interest rates every month. If your finances are not in a healthy condition, then you should seek financial advice from us. 

We can save you money and ease your day-to-day lifestyle with our best Debt Management Plans. Here are some of the pros that DMPs can bring into your life:

  • Forget those massive monthly repayments; switch to economical monthly repayments with Debt Management Plan
  • Our DMP providers would constantly look after your DMP plans for the most affordable payments
  • The interest rates would go lower for you with a DMP
  • Moreover, you have to pay only a single monthly instalment for all your creditors
  • With regular monthly payments, you can clear off your debt without any worry
  • Mostly, creditors stop contacting you if you keep up your payments

What are the Risks regarding Debt Management Plans?

Apart from long-term benefits and peace of mind, Debt Management Plans are quite tricky. It’s better to learn all the risks associated with DMP before you sign into the scheme. So, here we go:

  • Most creditors agree to help you out, but there’s no guarantee that they would surely do.
  • Some of the creditors might still be able to contact you.
  • Depending upon your owed debt, your creditors might add up extra charges and interests.
  • Reduced instalments might harm your credit file as it would take a longer time to clear off the debts.
  • However, your creditors do have the power to issue a County Court Judgement against you.

How Long Does a Debt Management Plan Last?

A Debt Management Plan is a modified version of the agreement between you and your creditors. In case the creditors reject your DMP approval, then you have to stick to another debt plan. 

However, we have acquired the highest access rate in getting your DMP requests approved from the creditors. Keep in mind that your creditors might impose a notice of default on your credit history. 

Consequently, it can hamper your chances of getting credits in the upcoming five to six years. Well, a Debt Management Plan can last up to fifteen years. But, these are rare scenarios. So, discuss the right affordable monthly payment with us, to get rid of debt, within a reasonable period of time. 

If we find out that DMPs are going to take a decade to pay off your debt then we would suggest other debt repayment plans that would clear off your stress within a rational period.

How can We Help?

Debt-related help is always available at your service on our behalf. Don’t panic about your debt and render valuable debt advice from us. Our veteran and skilled professionals would duly help you whether you should opt for Debt Management Plans. If your financial circumstances respond to our plan, then our representatives would talk to your creditors on your behalf. 

They strive for the best while getting your DMP requests approved by the creditors. In addition to this, our certified debt adviser would help you in the following ways:

  • They would never judge you about your financial situation
  • You can avail suggestions for tackling crucial debt conditions
  • Our debt advisers would listen to your concerns whether it’s minor or major
  • You can confidently talk to our debt experts
  • Our debt advisers would additionally check whether you’re getting all the benefits from the term that you have applied for.

So, contact us and set up your Debt Management Plan today. We are completely authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our experts would propose the best Debt Management Plan according to your debt complications. 

We are solely responsible to manage your creditors. It would require a set-up fee and a handling fee that is to be paid with the monthly instalment. Therefore, check if you’re eligible for Debt Management Plans or not, by contacting us.

Feel Free to Reach us and Avail Debt Management Plan

Don’t let the debts become a loophole for you, in your credit report. Understand your debt and repayment scheme with our impeccable debt advice services. Moreover, handle your debts efficiently with a Debt Management Plan. Our experts would carefully listen to your issues and answer all your queries and doubts related to your Debt Management Plan.

Hence, contact us, or use the email address to get an immediate reply. If any debt or creditor is bothering or chasing you, then don’t hesitate to join hands with us, and get back to a normal living standard. We are happy to help you!


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