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Unable to Make the Debt Payment? Get Instant Debt Advice

Undeniably, getting out of debt can be nerve-wracking, especially when you have already taken more than just one debt. You might have borrowed money from several creditors when your financial situation was dreadful, but not returning those debts within the given time will eventually increase your stress burden. 

Additionally, the creditors can even take assistance from the debt-collection agencies to get back their money. Even, they have the right to take legal action against you when you refuse to pay the remaining debt. But, there are hefty ways that help the debtors to overcome debt-related problems without ease. 

You might have reduced the amount of the monthly expenses to save an additional amount of money to repay the debts. But that’s not enough to write off the debt within a stipulated time. This is the primary reason why you should always consider joining hands with Debt Advice Help. We take pride in providing the best debt solution that will be beneficial in the long run.

Our professionals understand how difficult it gets to manage the debts, especially when your financial income is inadequate to pay the monthly debt amount. So, we strive to serve our clients with effective debt advice that will help them to become debt-free within a few days. 

Make a List of the Debts, That’s Essential!

Initially, you have to write down the remaining amount and the number of debts that still need to be paid. Moreover, every debt-payer should have the debt agreements, bills, and previous and recent financial statements. This will help them to make the debt payment process more convenient and manageable. However, before providing any advice, our professionals might ask you these below-mentioned questions: 

  • We gather information about the remaining debt amount.
  • Additionally, you have to let us know when was the first time you missed a debt payment.
  • Our professionals might ask about the number or name of the creditors to whom you owe the money. 
  • Make sure you have stated to us the exact amount of the bank balance currently you have. It is required for offering an effective debt management plan. 
  • Don’t forget to mention if the creditor has taken any further legal action or engaged you in a legal proceeding to get back his money. 

So, whether you have a secured or unsecured debt, with our assistance you can come out of it without going to court. And, even if you have received a letter from a debt-collection company, then also you can pay it off within the prescribed time. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with us, based on the financial situation we will guide you through the debt-payment process. Also, make sure you have a copy of the credit reports, this acts as the most important evidence when a creditor pesters you even after paying off the debt. 

Is it Necessary to Contact the Creditors?

When it comes to paying off the debt, it seems impossible to pay a lump sum amount of money at a time. Before contacting your creditors, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals of Debt Advice Help. We have helped more than 1000+ clients in getting out of debt without negotiating with their creditors. However, if you are planning to enforce legal debt-solution agreements, then you have to let the creditor know about that. 

At times, a creditor can extend the time of repayment. But only if your financial situation is getting worse with time. But, don’t consider contacting your creditors if you have taken on debt 6 years ago. We help our clients with an easy debt paydown strategy that helps them to lead a stress-free life. So, avoid the late fees by paying the debt payments with our professional guidance. 

Pay the “Priority” and “Non-Priority’ Debts First:

Do you know what is mainly considered as a “priority debt”? No! It’s the debts that can cause serious problems if you fail to make the payment within time. And, you might have taken an ample amount of debts for fulfilling your basic needs, and now it’s time to work out which one you should first consider paying. Here, we are enlisting some of the priority debts that we have so far helped in paying:

  • TV license payments
  • Mortgage arrears or secured loan arrears
  • Overpaid tax credits
  • Phone or internet bills
  • Rent arrears
  • Court Fines
  • Unpaid Child Maintenance
  • Gas or Electricity Bills
  • Unpaid income tax, National Insurance, or VAT
  • And, Council tax arrears

Once you determine the priority debts, proceed with paying the “non-priority debts” right after that. And, if you don’t know which type of debts should be under this category, our debt help UK advisors can be the best bet in this aspect. Basically, our debt help experts can assist you in dealing with these non-priority debts: 

  • Unpaid water bills
  • The money you owe from your close ones ( family or friends)
  • Catalogue debts
  • Overpayments of benefits – apart from tax credits
  • Unsecured loans including payday loans
  • Credit card or store card debts
  • Unpaid parking fines

However, certain potential challenges are also associated with these non-priority debts. Even for not paying these types of debts, a creditor can take help from the UK court authorities. So, get in touch with Debt Advice Help and get immediate help in debt payment. 

Is there any Possibility of Increasing the Monthly Income of an Individual?

Obviously, when you can include an additional amount of money in the monthly debt payment, it will help you to get rid of it way before the estimated time. Our debt help experts will enlighten you on how you can acquire a considerable amount of money without coming across any legal constraints. You can increase your income by implementing the following strategies:

  • Consider renting out a room; that’s pretty easy. 
  • You can also claim money from nearby trustable charities.
  •  Sell unwanted items online at an affordable price. 
  • Get a child maintenance plan that will help you in writing off the debt in a suitable way. 

Along with these options, there are few other ways by which you can opt for the debt payment without taking further money from anyone. Thinking what that could be? Yes! You have to stop investing in luxurious items for the time being. Our professional debt help UK professionals help you to make a monthly budget that will be perfect for sustainable living. 

How Do We Assist in Paying off the Debt within a Limited Time?

Debt Advice Help is one of the largest debt-advice companies that have acquired immense recognition for successfully fulfilling our customer’s expectations. After evaluating your monthly financial expenses and current financial circumstances, then only our professionals take any further initiatives. We are available round the clock so that we can help our clients in their crisis period. Additionally, if you’re thinking of requesting any debt-reduction plan, let us know.

Our debt help UK professionals will help you acknowledge whether it will be beneficial or not. Simply, give us a few basic information such as, your monthly income, reasons behind taking the debt, and the amount that still needs to be repaid. Based on that, you will get on-time help with debt from our vetted, well-cooperative, and veteran debt advisors. Our professional team can explicitly handle writing off different types of debts that are available in the UK. So, hurry up!

Connect Us to Get Immediate Debt Help UK:

Unable to pay the debt? Then, you must apply for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, it’s one of the best debt-solution one can opt for. But there are a few eligibility criteria that you need to meet for enforcing this legal agreement. Call us and our debt help Uk experts will give you detailed information about IVA or any other legal settlement plan that is inclined to write off the debt quickly. So, book our professionals now!


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