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What is LCWRA? How Can You Communicate & Remove Substantial Risk?

The claim for the one has limitations or boundaries to accomplish a particular work due to health issues is generally known as the LCWRA. The term stands for Limited Capability for Work-Related Activity. If a person continues to work with his/her deteriorated health condition, things will not remain as good as expected. Therefore, no claim can be found in this type of case. 

Fortunately, there is one way to eliminate all the substantial risk. You can only receive a provision if LCW is present. If certain consequences arise that might have the chance for the failure of LCW, then deal with them immediately to bring back the situation to normal. 

Universal Credit — What is it?

It’s a type of payment that helps you to support your daily living cost. It is being paid to you on a monthly basis. People who are living in Scotland might get two payments per month. If you are more than 18 years of age, you are eligible to get the payment. In addition to that, people who have already retired from their service will also get the full benefits to support their family. On the other hand, people with disabilities will also get an advantage. 

Planning to get the Universal Credit?

If you are a physically disabled person and planning to get the Universal Credit limited capability of work, then the Severe Disability Premium will assist you. There is a high possibility of getting an extra amount which is known as the transitional element. 

In the previous month, the chances of getting the total amount are quite low. If you have applied for Universal Credit before 27th January 2021, it’s better that you talk to an expert about this matter as soon as possible. 

What are Limited Capabilities?

In certain circumstances, you will be automatically treated as having the LCW or LCWRA, after you tell all the details to your DWP. Pregnancy makes it quite difficult to work and is one of the most important factors that will be considered. 

When you are already employed somewhere and getting an allowance fee, the facility of limited capability will also be applicable for you. On the other hand, ageing over 60 years, admitted to the hospital and staying under quarantine, having severe illness and others are generally called limited capabilities. 

How can you Apply for the LCWRA?

Applying for the LCWRA is not so difficult. If you are not having one, then the form which is known as the UC50 will help you. After successfully filling up the application, you might have to go for certain medical assessments. Then, the DWP will investigate whether you already have any LCWRA or not. 

After submitting the UC50 form, you will receive a copy of that. If you need more, just access the government registered website of LCWRA. A letter will arrive with a copy of the form. Check whether the exact date of filling up the form is given there or not. If the date is missing, then your DWP will automatically decide that you are capable enough to work. 

In addition to that, you also won’t be allowed to apply for LCW or LCWRA unless and until the condition changes. So, hopefully, you will be able to understand how important it is in the UC50 form. For further assistance, feel free to consult an expert and proceed further. 

Is Medical Evidences are necessary?

Yes, of course. Sending all the medical evidence are mandatory with the UC50 form. Therefore, the DWP will get a good idea about your health condition. Moreover, he/she will also get a brief idea about the condition that is affecting the ability to work. 

In case, you are having health insurance, then send those documents along with the medical evidence. Furthermore, never forget to send a unique health insurance ID. While investigating, they can identify you easily. This will remove all the substantial risk that can take place. 

The Diagnosis

With the form, if the diagnosis reports are present, it will only be helpful for you to let know of your health situation. Some of the health diagnosis reports are like:

  • A hard copy of all the current medications
  • Detailed X-Ray reports
  • Various types of scan reports
  • If possible, a hospital discharge report
  • The care chart from the therapist

If the issues are associated with mental health, the circumstances will be different. If you are suffering from insomnia, depression, and other mental health issues, then you need to provide the medical documents to all of these:

  • The CPN (Community Psychiatric Nurse)
  • Respected Counsellors
  • The therapist
  • A Group of Social Workers

In the case of mental instability, make sure that you deliver all the documents in proper order. Thus, helping the investigation to occur precisely with positive results. 

What about the Couples with Limited Capability?

In some cases, a couple can be physically or mentally challenged. This is where the possibility of the incoming of an additional amount arises. Moreover, this type of case also has the capability to receive the higher LCWRA element. Make a note that the extra amount will only be added when both of you qualify for the LWC. 

The Eligibility Criteria of Work Capability

With the help of all the terms and conditions provided by the WCA, the department of pensions will decide all these following conditions that will be suitable for you. They are here as follows: 

  • Your perfect physical health for work
  • You have to claim the LCW at the mid-session of the year
  • All the recorded activities must be related to the LCWRA

When you have already got an extra amount of universal credit, then your capability of work will increase. 

The Award for the LCWRA Element 

After providing all the necessary medical evidence, about 3 months is necessary to provide you with the award. If it is late, then there must be some unpaid money, still remaining. So, clear the unpaid amount to get the award in time. In the case of a couple, when both of them qualify, only one will get the award, which means that one award is for both of them. 

What are the LCWRA Descriptors?

The LCWRA descriptors are basically its functions. Here are some of them that you might have a look at. 

  • Mobilizing a person who walks with or without a stick, wheelchair and others
  • Transferring a physically disabled person from one place to another safely
  • Conveying simple and understandable messages when you are disabled
  • Raising awareness in any kind of hazardous situation
  • Balancing various types of changes like social engagements and others

Apart from the functions, communication is also important.


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